Jason Morphew


Jason Morphew is a prolific singer and a song writer. He debuted in the early 1990s with lo-fi rock music (known to be his folksy style). His love for song writing began during the time when he used to attend college. It was in the year 1994 that one of his favorite songs titled ‘Losing Stars against the Moon’ was featured on Brassland Records. He initially started his career as a singer and then began to establish himself as a lead singer in a popular nightclub in New York City. He once presented a demo deal with A&R, a leading music label located in Los Angeles. This demo deal itself went on to break many records. During the same period he also recorded two albums – ‘Duke of Arkansas’ and ‘The Not for the Faint of Heart’, both of which turned out to be record breakers and Jason Morphew made a mark of his own in the music world.

What do we mean by Lo-fi rock music? Lo-fi music, also known as Low fidelity music is a type of music which has got a lower quality of sound recording as compared to the natural rock music. The quality of the music is attained by decreasing the quality of the actual music.

This kind of music genre started somewhere during the early 1970s. Those bands and musicians who did not have enough money to invest in their music usually used to opt for Lo-fi rock music, since they can get their recording done at a very reasonable price. There is different type of music to learn. Some of the main genre of music is –

Pop Music – The current generation is mostly interested in Pop music. Pop music usually attracts the attention of the listeners instantly mainly because of the high and low notes that these musicians play. Most of the times, the messages that are passed through pop music are related to the current day. The abbreviated meaning of pop music is ‘popular music’.

Country Music – Country music began in South America somewhere during the early 1920s. This kind of music is commonly called as ‘Peoples music’. This music usually uses instruments such as guitars, harmonicas, violins and banjoes.

Ballad Music – The caption ‘Ballad’ has various meanings. Ballad usually means the idea to tell a story about a person who has an emotional impact on any other person of the opposite sex. Ballad music began somewhere during the 19th century which first started in Europe and then spread across America, North Africa and Australia.